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An Effective Youth Treatment Center in Manvel, TX

Since 1983, Shiloh Treatment Center, Inc has served the greater Houston area, the state of Texas, and, more recently, a national and international population. It has distinguished itself as a facility willing and able to address and support the needs of the most behaviorally challenged youth.

Once a person is admitted, Shiloh provides integrated services tailored to the individual needs of the client. An Individualized Service Plan (ISP)—developed by each client's personal interdisciplinary treatment team—coordinates services. Call today to learn more about our youth treatment center near Houston, Texas.

Our Mission

Providing opportunities for children and youth to reach their full potential.


Our Certifications

The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission

State of Texas

State of Texas

Texas Education Agency

Texas Education Agency


Our Clients

The typical Shiloh client is a child or adolescent, male or female, between the ages of three and 22, with mental health issues, an emotional disorder, autism, mental retardation, or a behavioral disorder that does not require an acute care hospital placement. These clients pose a serious and persistent danger to themselves or others, and they cannot be cared for safely in a less restrictive environment.

Length of stay varies from one month or less, to a year, depending on the client's needs. Shiloh also specializes in caring for clients that have previously been in alternative placements without success. These clients often exhibit highly aggressive behavior, have difficulty controlling emotions, do poorly in school, have severe difficulties with interpersonal interactions, and are oppositional.

Most Shiloh clients will be admitted with an existing diagnosis, including: mood dysregulation disorders, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, depression, ADHD, learning differences, and psychosis. Some clients may have cognitive impairments, autism spectrum issues, or behavioral difficulties as a result of chronic but stable neurological problems.

Our Treatment Teams

The treatment team usually includes the client, the parents/guardians, a psychiatrist, a nurse, a special education school teacher, a counselor, a teacher's aide, and direct care staff. The treatment team will include other professional staff, such as medical doctors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists as needed. When appropriate, a representative from contracting agencies—such as school districts, insurance companies, and mental health authorities, among others—are also included.

Our Purpose

We strive to maximize well-regulated, independent functioning. We teach clients the skills they need to more effectively function in their own home, school, and community environment in a manner that most closely approximates naturally occurring situations. Our goal is to move the client back to their homes and communities as soon as reasonably feasible. We strive to develop interpersonal relationships with clients that maximize growth while they reside in a Shiloh home. 


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Hours of Operation
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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Service Area
Houston, State of Texas, and the Surrounding States