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Keflex is an antibiotic of the cephalosporin family that the doctor must prescribe.It treats infections in children from the age of one year and older and in adults too. This drug stops the growth of  bacteria. As the medical treatment, it is used for UTIs and otitis cure. It shouldn’t be prescribed for curing viruses such as flu. Keflex could be consumed alone or together with other medicines. The incorrect consumption of this medicine leads to  resistance and reduces its effectiveness. 


Keflex is widely used for bacterial infections treatment. It is produced in capsules or in suspension to administer it by mouth. It contains beta lactam and dihydrothiazide. 

The active component of Keflex is cephalexin. The dosage of one capsule’s can be 250mg, 500mg or 750mg.

Keflex inhibits bacteria’s cell walls, breaks down the bacteria, and kills them.  The drug absorbed very well in the tissues. Patients taking dosages of 250mg can attain a plasma concentration of 7.7 mcg/mL. Its volume distribution ranges between 5.2 to 5.8 litres. 

Its absorption is 49.5 minutes on an empty stomach and 76.5 minutes with food. The drug isn’t metabolized in the organism. The excretion happens with the urine in 6 hours. 

How to Consume Keflex?

The drug is orally used as prescribed by a healthcare provider. It could be consumed in four equal doses during or after eating. If the drug is in the suspension form, shake a bottle accurately before taking any portion. Each portino should be precisely measured. 

The dosage is calculated basing on a patient’s condition or their reaction to the treatment. In paediatric patients the dosage is calculated basing on the organism weight. 

To make the treatment more effective, consume the antibiotic in equal intervals. It is recommended for portions to be consumed at the same time each day. The medicine should be consumed until the full course is complete. The sufferers shouldn’t stop consuming the medicine even if they got better. If they  discontinue, it  will give room for bacterial growth, exposing the sufferer to reinfection. 

In case the sufferer skips a portion, the dosage schedule must be chased. Don’t consume a portion twice to reuse the missed portion. If you’re unsure of the action to consume, contact your therapist.

Oral suspensions should be stored in the fridge during to 14 days. Capsules could be kept at the temperature 15-20C, away from sun lights and humidity. Hold the medication out of animals and kids.  

If the state of health doesn’t enhance or worsens, inform the therapist. 

Healthcare providers must prove that bacteria caused the illness before prescribing this medicine. Treating only bacterial infections reduces antibiotic resistance and minimizes the efficacy of the drug. Therefore, info regarding a patient’s state and sensitivity should be given to inform doctors and to ascertain if Keflex is the appropriate remedy for antibacterial cure. In the lack of this data, health history and sensibility data could be utilized for choosing  the appropriate antibacterial therapy. 

Negative  Reactions

The secondary effects from taking Keflex extent from moderate to hard. It is significant to note that not every patient will experience these secondary effects. In case if one or more secondary effects is a reason of concern, the sufferer should get medical assistance.

Hard secondary effects could include: strong abdominal pain, liquid or blood in diarrhea, uncommon fatigue, shortness of breath, bleeding from vagina, convulsions, pallid skin, and obscure coloured urine. In case a sufferer notices one or more of these symptoms, they should get doctor’s help immediately.

Moderate secondary effects include diarrhoea, dispepsia, vaginal carry out, itchiness, and pains in abdomen. If these reactions don’t disappear or bother the patient, they should contact their therapist immediately.

Precautions or warnings for Keflex

Before consuming this drug, inform the doc of some past or present conditions and allergies. If the sufferer is pregnant or breastfeeding, they should inform the therapist.

People which have allergies to penicillin antibiotics could experience allergic responses when consuming Keflex. Contact the therapist if some signs of an adverse reaction such as skin reckless, itchiness or troubles in breathing are observed.

Like other antibiotics, Keflex may potentially cause colitis associated with antibiotic consumption. Symptoms include watery or bloody diarrhoea. Contact the doc immediately if these signs are noticed.

Misapply or unnecessary consumption of this drug can lead to the bacterial growth that the antibiotic cannot kill.  If the situation happens, Keflex may not be helpful to you later. Consume the drug exactly as prescribed by the medic. Finish the mandatory drug  to avoid bacteria resistance later.

Interactions with other drugs

Keflex interacts with different remedies. However, this info should be interpreted only by pharmacologists or therapists. If the sufferer is consuming  any of these medications with Keflex, they should call to their  doctor immediately. 

  • Lasix (furosemide). Rises the danger of kidney function disability. 
  • Metformin. Enhances plasma metformin density while reducing its renal clearing. As a result, in blood sugar levels can be too low. 
  • The drug Probenecid. Inhibits the renal discharge of Keflex. The consumption with this medication is not advised.
  • BCG 
  • Typhoid vaccine

Dosage and Its Considerations 

Adults and Adolescent Sufferers in the Age of 15 years and above

One portion of Keflex is 250mg consumed every 6 h or 500mg taken every 12 h each day. Treatment can take between 7 and 14 days. 

Grave infections may need larger portions. 

Kids in the age of at least 12 months

The advised daily portion for kids is between 25 and 55 mg/kg. The portion should be consumed in four similar doses daily during 7-14 days.

The cure of β-hemolytic streptococcal disease should last during 10 days. 

In the situation of the strong infection a daily portion of 55 to 100 mg/kg is advised. The portion is consumed in equal intervals. 

In the therapy of otitis media the advised portion is 80 to 100 mg/kg. 


Adhere to the therapist’s prescription and instruction. Inform them of any adverse or allergic response. Finish the advised therapy even when you get better. Store the medication in a conducive state and away from animals and kids. In case you don’t get better, seek further medical help.